Spaghetti growing on trees?

Hi. For advanced learners of English, here’s an absolutely hilarious April Fool’s Day joke played by the BBC on April 1st 1957. It shows farmers picking spaghetti from trees and laying the strands out to dry. Thousands of people in Britain phoned the TV channel the next day to ask about how they could grow their own spaghetti  🙂

A phrase a week 1

I’ve decided to start a weekly post series called „a phrase a week” to put up on the blog as a way of helping learners of English enrich their vocabulary. Today’s phrase is a wooly jumper. The adjective wooly means ‘made of wool’, while jumper is another word for ‘sweater’ used especially by British people. Thus ‘a wooly jumper’ = ‘a sweater made of wool’. And now for a joke: What do you get if you cross a sheep with a kangaroo? The answer is: a wooly jumper. It’s word play, of course. We know about kangaroos that they’re great jumpers. We also know that sheep give us wool.

Hope you enjoyed the joke and found the information helpful. Bye for now.