A joke

There’s a man and he’s lost in the desert. His plane crashed or something – in the desert. And he hasn’t got any water. So he’s walking and walking, and he’s really thirsty. After a while he meets a man who’s selling ties (the things that men wear round their necks). So this man has got hundreds of ties –black ones, pink ones, striped ones. Do you want to buy a tie sir? Lovely ties, very cheap. So the man who’s lost says No, I don’t want a tie – I want water. Sorry sir, no water, only ties. So the man walks on in the desert. And he’s getting more and more thirsty. Then he meets another man. Want to buy a tie sir? Lovely ties. Special price for you sir. And he says  No!! I don’t want a tie. I want water. Sorry sir – no water, but very beautiful ties. So he walks on again. It’s very hot and he’s really desperate for water now. And he sees another man  Give me water!  No water sir. But beautiful ties. Pink ones, red ones, striped ones. Very good price. So the poor man walks on. And then, right in front of him he sees a beautiful luxury hotel in the middle of the desert. He thinks he must be imagining things, but no, it really is a hotel. He goes up to the door, crying with happiness and the man at the door of the hotel says … Sorry sir. You can’t come in here if you aren’t wearing a tie.