Hi and welcome to another post in this series. As you probably remember, in the previous nine I’ve been looking at phrases that had to do with clothing and one of the last verbs I wrote about was fit. Today I’m going to stick with this word, but shift away from clothes towards other things. That’s because fit has multiple senses and one of those is install or fix (something) into place. That can be a piece of equipment or a new part onto a machine, so that it is ready to be used. Here are some examples: They fitted smoke alarms to their homes. | Anti-theft devices are fitted to all our cars. | The plumber came to fit the sink this morning. Please note the preposition to, normally used with this meaning of the verb. Learn them together as a single unit and you will sound more natural and accurate when you’re talking and reduce the risk of making mistakes. Now, try to come up with one or two examples of your own to practice the newly-learned phrase. Experience has shown that our own examples will help us remember these phrases more easily.

Bye for now and remember : learning or reviewing two or three phrases a day can really make a difference. And, anyone can find 2-3 minutes on a day.