A joke – The three-legged chicken

A man is driving slowly down a country road when he sees a chicken run in front of his car. Nothing strange about that – but then, he notices that the chicken has three legs. „How strange” he thinks, „a three-legged chicken”. He starts to drive a bit faster – 40 kilometres an hour – but the chicken goes faster too. He drives a bit faster – 70 kilometres an hour – but the three-legged chicken just runs faster too. The man goes faster and faster but the chicken keeps running. When they are both doing over one hundred kilometres an hour, the chicken turns a corner into a farm.
Quickly, the man stops his car. The farmyard is full of three-legged chickens. There are three-legged chickens everywhere. So, he sees the farmer in the farmyard and he asks him, “Where do all of these three-legged chickens come from? This is amazing”. “I breed them” says the farmer. “There are three of us, me, my wife and our son. We all like chicken legs, so … I made a three-legged chicken, so we can all have a leg at dinner time”. “Amazing” says the man, “How’s the meat? Does it taste good?”
“Well”, says the farmer, “I don’t know. We haven’t caught one of them yet.”

A phrase a week (5)

Hello and A Happy New Year to you all! In this week’s post I’d like to look at the difference between clothes, clothing, and cloth, which may be confusing for some English learners.

Clothes is the usual word for things we wear: She’s got some beautiful clothes (NOT cloths).

Clothing is a more formal word for clothes in general. And it’s uncountable, i.e. it doesn’t have a plural form: The workers here all have to wear protective clothing (NOT clothings).

Clothes is not used with numbers, and in conversation if you want to talk about one piece/item of clothing you would usually call it by its name: I want to buy a new coat (NOT a new cloth/clothing).

Clothes are made from various kinds of material, fabric or cloth, such as woven wool, silk, cotton or acrylic: I brought back a lovely piece of cloth from Thailand to make a dress out of.

A cloth (with plural cloths) is a piece of cloth, used for cleaning surfaces, dishes etc: Oh dear, I’ve spilt my coffee – have you got a cloth?

Right, that’s all from me this week. I’m going to tidy up the living room now. It’s quite a mess with all those clothes scattered about 🙂